Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Isn't this beautiful????? I love roses - real or paper - so you can imagine my delight when I came across this idea on the internet. Wanna know how I made it? I used the STAMPIN'UP! ORNAMENT PUNCH!!!! Can you believe it????

The blog I visited gave a pretty simplified tutorial using just 4 petals for the base with a total of 11 for the entire flower. When I tried it I ALMOST liked it. It just seemed a little too "thin" for a rose and it didn't lay very nicely, so I modified it the second time around and LOVED the result. I've created my own detailed tutorial in the hopes that you might give it a go yourself.

These are waaaaay to big for cards and won't work well in scrapbooks - but they will look beautiful laying around the base of a candle or on the top of a gift box. They are a little time consuming - but well worth the time.

Stampin'Up! Ornament Punch
1 1/4" Circle Punch
Cardstock (Green and Color of your choice)
Sponge Dauber
Classic Ink in Darker Shades of Cardstock Colors
2 Way Glue Pen
Stylus (pencil or screwdriver will work also)
Scoring Instrument
Using the STAMPIN' UP! ORNAMENT PUNCH, punch 18 ornament shapes from your chosen cardstock. Sponge the edges of each petal on both sides. Punch a 1 1/4" circle from matching cardstock. This circle will be your flower base.

Next, use a pencil, stylus or screwdriver to tightly roll the edges of each "petal" from one side to the other. Set each one aside until all are curled.

Begin creating the rose by placing the curled petals around the circle base as shown to the left. I used 7 petals to create this layer for coverage and fullness. I alternated petals - one curled up, the next curled under - overlapping each petal and the petal tab as I worked around the circle.

The second layer was created by using 3 petals , curled inward, glued to the edge of each petal tab on the previous layer. The next time I will use 5 petals in this layer.

The third layer uses 3 petals, all curled inward.

The 4th layer you begin creating the center of the rose. You will use 2 petals. Bend the base tabs at 90 degree angles to the petal and glue the tabs together. Roll the both petals inward creating a cylinder. Apply a small amount of glue as shown on both sides of one petal and hold both petals together with paper clips until dry.

To create the 5th layer - which is the very center of the rose - roll the last ornament shape tightly around the stylus. Add a small amount of glue to the inside edge of the center petal and clip it with a paperclip until dry. Once dry, fold the base tab at a 90 degree angle so that it lays flat across the bottom of the petal. Put a dollop of glue in the center of the rose and put the final petal in place.

To create the leaves, punch 2 or 3 ornament shapes from a green cardstock. Using the stylus and a scoring tool (personal cutter, scorpal, etc) create the veins as shown to the left. Turn the "leaf" over and sponge a darker green ink across the veins and along the edges of the leaves. Glue into place on the back of petals as desired.

And that's it! A beautiful PAPER ROSE.

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial and will try a few of these for yourself. They really are alot of fun!

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Sunday, June 6, 2010


Has everyone bought the SU! Scallop Trim Corner and Border punches? Have you tried using them to create a 4-sided scalloped border around your stamped images? Did you give up because you couldn't get the last punch on each side to line up correctly? I think I can help you with that.

Getting a perfect border is all about starting with the perfect measurements. I've played around all morning this morning and created samples for EVERY size square that will fit on a 5 1/2" square card base as well as EVERY size rectangle that will fit on a 4 1/4 x 5 1/2" rectangular card (A5) and I'd like to share the measurements as well as a couple of punching tips with you.

The chart below shows every size square with it's measurement that can be used on a 5.5" square card.


Top Row: 1 15/16", 2 3/8", 2 7/8", 3 3/8", 3 7/8"
Bottom row: 5 1 /4", 4 3/4", 4 5/16"

The smallest square you can make starts with a 1 15/16" square. This smallest square creates a border for items punched with the 1 3/8" and 1 1/4" square punches. For this square you only use the SCALLOP TRIM CORNER PUNCH. The rest of the borders/mats will use both the corner punch and the SCALLOP TRIM BORDER PUNCH.

To create the scalloped border mats, cut your cardstock to one of the measurements shown on the chart. The 3 13/16" square is the easiest to punch because it fits perfectly to the guide on the top of the Scallop Trim Border Punch. This makes it easy to line-up the corners so that all the side scallops punch perfectly.

Begin by using the corner punch upside down to punch each of the 4 corners. I turn the punch upside down (see photo to the left) when punching to make sure the corner and edges of the cardstock are placed correctly in the punch. Be careful not to let the cardstock slip down past the guide edges or you will end up with "tails" and it will be more difficult to line up the border punch.

Once the corners have been punched place the cardstock into the border punch, lining up the scallops with the guide on the top of the punch. Once lined up - punch once and the first side is complete. Turn 90 degrees and repeat until all 4 sides are complete! A PERFECT scallop trim mat! When creating a border in sizes larger than 3 13/16" use the guide to line up the only one corner rather than two.

Creating the scalloped mats in sizes smaller than 3 13/16" is a bit trickier but not impossible by any means. I create these by using the punch upside down so I can see to line up the scallop with the hole on the punch. Once the scallops are in-line with the blades, simply punch then move the cardstock, line up again and punch.
When you get to the last punch on a side, rather than trying to line it up perfectly on both the left and right sides of the punch (as shown in photo above) simply move the cardstock back to the left (so that the left corner of the cardstock is hidden (as in image to the right ) and punch. Sometimes the border will be off by just the slightest margin and if you try to line up both sides you end up cutting off a portion you didn't intend to.

Creating rectangles is easy once you can cut the squares. To make rectangles you simply choose 2 measurements from those provided above. One measurement will be used for the sides of the rectangle and the other measurement will be used for the other top and bottom. Punch exactly as described above.

The largest rectangle that will fit on an A5 sized card is 5 1/4" x 3 7/8".

For todays's card I created a rectangle in Whisper White cardstock using measurements of 4 5/16" and 2 3/8". These measurements provided an even distribution of "white space" on all 4 sides allowing me to play with more designer papers and borders.

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I hope you enjoyed the tutorial and that you will dig out those punches and start playing.

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Saturday, June 5, 2010


It's here!!!! My demonstrator order came yesterday and with it my complimentary copy of the 2010-2011 SU! catalog! Though I can't legally show you images from the catalog because of copyright laws, I CAN tell you about it and show you things I create from the demonstrator "sneak peek" items that we're allowed to order early.

I have a card to show you made with a new set called: Baby Bundle. Too cute! There are 11 images and 5 greeting/sentiments in this set which sells for 19.95 clear mount and $27.95 wood mount. I combined 3 images from the set to create my card: teddy bear, pram/carriage, hanging booties. Isn't it adorable?????

The ribbon is also new this year and can be ordered NOW through the SUMMER MINI catalog. It is 5/8" satin ribbon and will be available in the new catalog in 13 different colors. CHOCOLATE CHIP ribbon is no longer available in the new catty - so if you are a fan you better order it before the end of June.

The WILD WASABI border and WHISPER WHITE border were created using the SCALLOP TRIM corner and border punches. I will be posting a "how to" create square and rectangular borders using these punches soon. It will have the dimensions for cutting so that everything comes out even (with a little practice of course).


I've looked through the catalog 2.5 times so far. The first time was a quick glance to garner my first impressions. The second was to make my wish list (I found 20 "must have" stamp sets) and the third (which I haven't finished yet) is to look closely at the samples and projects to see if there are any new ideas/techniques (there are!)


Cover: if you are into shabby chic in blues/greens and kraft (now CRUMB CAKE) you are going to love it!

Layout: set up with the same categories as before but a couple of noteworthy changes that I think are wonderful. First: any image in a stamp set that has a corresponding punch has a colored outline around it. That is such a great idea and will definitely take the guess work away. Second - the ink/paper/marker chart is set up differently. There are now 4 charts. One for each color family. Along the top of each chart are the names of each color in the family as well as a color spot. Along the left side are miniature photos of each available item followed by item description and price. Directly below each families color chart are the ASSORTMENT packs - show by photo and description. I LOVE this feature. I have several times ordered the wrong item for myself because my eyes bumped up a line or over a column. The photos are definitely a PLUS.

The COLOR COACH has been redesigned. LOVE it. I'm actually going to order this one!


Hostess Sets: I will be holding my own workshop the first of July! There are so many nice hostess sets in the catalog - I have to have a workshop of my own to get them all!

Ala Carte Sets: There are several new ALA CARTE stamps: elephants, golfer, toothfairy, victorian style word frame, etc.

Holiday Sets: Okay - this is where I'm the most disappointed in the catalog - and actually it's only because of my personal taste in stamp styles. There are just not enough new sets in this category that aren't too cutesy or trendy. HOLIDAY GREETINGS: 1 set. HALLOWEEN: one new set and 2 wheels. CHRISTMAS: 4 or 5 never before seen sets - one of which is a religious based stamp. There is a new set that corresponds with the ornament punch called CONTEMPO CHRISTMAS. I probably won't purchase this one myself - but I do actually like 3 of 4 of the stamps in the set. VALENTINES: 3 new sets. EASTER: only 1 new set for a total of 2. I don't really consider the new set an Easter set - it is just trendy looking flowers (think PETAL PIZZAZZ only not filled in). It is an Easter set because it has one Easter greeting stamp in it. The MOM stamp from the Occasions mini made it in.

Occasions Sets: Sweet Treats sets are back, there is a really cute "GOT TREATS" set that coordinates with the BIG SHOT MILK CARTON as well as several other cute, new sets. No new sympathy sets (we're down to one now) and one or two "fun to color" sets.

Growing Up Sets: The set I used for the card above is one of 13 new sets.

All Natural Sets: (My personal favorite) has a several beautifully drawn florals, wildlife and scenic sets as well as 10 or 11 other newbies.

Elements: Some very NICE sets here - the word "vintage" comes to mind.One set has a writing grid surrounded by an ornate frame, another has an antique key, crown and eiffel tower. There is a wheel that is a musical staff - BEAUTIFUL! A western set, a victorian style "treasure" set, Elements of Style from the current mini is in here. There are also a couple of new BACKGROUND stamps.

Greetings: 7 or 8 new sets in this category - but in my opinion the best one is a LEVEL III hostess set. One new alphabet set.

THIS is where the REAL fun begins. Can you say COLOR???? I wasn't sure about the color renovation when it was first announced - but after seeing it and working with it - all I can say is "KUDOS" Stampin' Up! I was sad to see Really Rust go - it was a staple for me in the fall - but comparing it side by side with the new CAJUN CRAZE - there are absolutely no tears left for me. The new colors are deeper and richer than their previous counterparts. That said, I do miss the softest of the SUBTLES. There is nothing comparable to Mellow Moss, Blush Blossom, Sage Shadow.

There is no more PRETTIES kit - but don't despair - the flowers from the set are sold seperately as are adhesive backed clear rhinestones and half pearls.

Ribbons styles are limited - as are the colors - but I was happy to see the 5/8" satin and 1/4" grosgrain remaining. A little disappointed that there was nothing as "fun" as our current polka dot in-color ribbon but there are a couple of crocheted trims that are very pretty.

The DESIGNER BUTTONS are more reasonably priced in this catalog. You now get more than double the quantity for $1 more. They also come in 24 colors instead of 12.

In addition to new DESIGNER PAPERS they have a section of BASE MATERIALS. These are sheets of materials such as cork, magnets, wood, etc. that can be used with the BIG SHOT and dies (as well as scissors etc.) on your projects.

They kept the BLUSH BLOSSOM marker for skin tones - NOT in my lifetime!!!! MUCH too dark for that.

There are the most wonderful ANTIQUE BRADS and VINTAGE TRINKETS (safety pins & metal buttons).

Storage Solutions: WONDERFUL!!!!! There is a new carrying case that holds all the new acrylic blocks. There are new storage boxes for the SIZZIX DIES as well as stackable hard plastic storage cases for the new punch styles. They have a collapsible handle that allows stacking and a cover that closes and locks into place for portability. VERY NICE.

I realize this was an extremely looooooong post today - but I just wanted to share the excitement. It's been several years since I've been excited about the new catalog - but THIS one - it's a GOOD one!

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Happy Stamping!