Sunday, January 4, 2015


When I got onto blogger this morning, I signed in using my google account, wrote & posted my entry for today, went to my blog to view the post and it wasn't there. So I signed out, went back in and it showed it posted but when I went online to view it, it still isn't there. Apparently I have 2 blogs with the same name - the log-in is just different. Go figure!
2015 has arrived and with it the promises I make to myself to to things better. Eat better, be more active, be more creative, be better about posting what I create, etc. So it is now the 4th of January and I want to share a card I made yesterday to celebrate the birth of my new great-nephew, Ellis, who was born last night at 6:33 p.m. Welcome to the world Ellis!!

The idea is not an original. I saw something similar on Pinterest (I think) but thought it was so cute I wanted to make one myself. The original used a Teddy Bear popping out of the dresser drawer and an image by Mo Manning of a child dressing itself. After spending hours looking though my stamps and online through images of babies, I came to the sad conclusion I would have to either draw my own or pay money for an image I would probably only use one time. So, I drew the image of the sitting baby and colored it using Copics.

I personally think every little boy needs a puppy, so instead of the teddy bear sticking out of the dresser drawer, I found an image in my stamp stash of this cute little patchwork puppy. The original card used white brads for the drawer pulls, but I liked the idea of the little buttons. A little designer paper for the dresser front and the wall behind the baby - and it was finished. I love the way the cuts and folds to the card make it stand up. Too cute.

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God Bless & happy stamping!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

HAPPY HARVEST (A little early)

How did the scarecrow even know he didn't have a brain?!?

Saw that saying on the web the other day and just had to put it into a card. This is the result.

The scarecrow is an old Stampin'Up! image from the retired set "HAPPY HARVEST". I love the old SU! stamp sets. The artwork was amazing back then. I used Copics to color him - cut out the image then popped it up on a background of woven, textured WALLPAPER. (Just another reminder to not throw anything away!)

The sentiment was computer generated onto a piece of Neenah Solar Classic White cardstock - which is what I use for coloring with Copics. Seems to work very well.

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Saturday, July 14, 2012


Good Morning Friends!

It's early Saturday morning here in Central Illinois and I'm HAPPY to say, "It is raining!!!!!" It's been so hot and dry that I am truly thankful for this. My prayer however is that it will stop by about 3:00 p.m. so we can still have a family picnic that is planned for this evening.

I want to share a beautiful, fall leaf card I made last week. I know it's mid-summer - with temperatures holding steady now in the mid 90's here - but I am DREAMING of AUTUMN.  I know I am not the only one either. My son is on the count-down for deer hunting season to begin (October 1st) and one of my nieces posted a similar sentiment on facebook yesterday.

I had fun making this card using Starform Peels from Elizabeth Craft Designs. There are so many different designs and techniques - it's very addicting - and EASY!!!!!

For this card I simply used the outline portion of a peel and placed it on a light rose red designer paper and cut around the ouline. For the 2nd leaf, I used the leftover "innards" from the same peel and carefully cut around the shape left by the outline peel to create a 2nd outline. I then temporarily adhered it to a piece of transfer paper (also available through Elizabeth Craft Designs), transferred it to a piece of purple designer paper, and cut it out.

I added some gold thread, a couple of brads, and some gold ink around the die-cut rectangle to finish.
Like I said, very EASY!!!!

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Sunday, May 27, 2012


Good Sunday morning to everyone. I've been productive this morning - up early, to church by 7:00 a.m., out to breakfast with hubby, and now ready to post a gorgimous card I made last week and show you, photo by photo, how to do the technique. NOTE: Alanna, this technique is not for you! - nor is it for anyone who doesn't like to work with glitter.

First, here's the card:

Isn't it goregous???? You should see the sparkle in real life - it really is beautiful.

Now, for the technique.

I was lucky enough to purchase all my supplies at a local business, TREMONT GALLERY & RUBBER RAINBOWS. If you don't have a local stamp store willing to special order for you, call Carla or Ann at the Tremont Gallery (866-925-4438). They will order and ship direct to you. Make sure to tell them I sent you. Otherwise, you can purchase the supplies online.

To begin you will need some type of outline sticker. I used Starfoam #1282 in black for my sample card but any brand will work. You will need a double-sided tape large enough to cover your design. I have a huge 4.5" wide roll of "BE CREATIVE TAPE"  I recommend using Glitter Ritz Micro Fine Transparent glitter. You can try others - but make sure it is micro-fine. I have been told that other brands tear away at your marker nibs.

The last items you will need are as follows:
Glitter Container with Lid
White Cardstock

Step One: Choose your design and cut a piece of double-sided tape large enough to fit the design. Place the sticky side face down on the white cardstock (right side of photo), remove AND KEEP the backing (now referred to as the transfer sheet).

Step Two: Gently peel off the outline sticker and place it STICKY SIDE UP on the back (non-printed side) of the transfer sheet.

It is important that you place it sticky side up on the transfer sheet, otherwise you will end up with glue and glitter on the sticker outline. You can still use it - but it doesn't have the "pop" that the sticker will have if you do it correctly. In the photo to the left, you can see the difference. The photo on the left was placed sticky side down.

I would like to tell you I did that purposely to show the difference between right and wrong - but unfortunately, I did not do it on purpose. It was a mistake. :(

Step Three: Flip transfer sheet with the sticker image onto the double sided tape so that the sticker is now sandwiched between the transfer sheet and the double-sided tape.

Step Four: With the transfer sheet still attached, carefully trim around the sticker, removing most of the excess cardstock.

Step Five: Peel away the transfer sheet.

Step Six: With glitter container under the sticker, apply glitter to the sticky side of the design. Gently move around with your finger so that the entire image is covered with glitter, then tap off the excess into the glitter container. * This stuff is expensive $8.49 per 10 gram bottle - so use sparingly and catch as much in the container as possible.

Step Seven: Lay the image on the desktop and firmly burnish the glitter into the image with your finger.

Step Eight: Using a soft-bristled paint brush, brush off the excess glitter into the glitter container and close lid.

Step Nine:  Closely trim away the excess cardstock.

Step Ten:  Color the design. If using Copics or any other alcohol based marker, use the chisel end of the marker and "dot" on the color. The usual coloring motion will cause the glue to soften (from the alcohol) and the circular motion will move it and the glitter off the cardstock, leaving unglittered spots. 

***NOTE: you will have glitter residue on your marker nib which is why I recommend using the chisel end of the marker.

That's it. It's a fairly simple technique but the results are stunning.

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Happy Stamping.

Saturday, May 26, 2012


If you are familiar with the movie "INDEPENDENCE DAY", then I'm pretty sure you can hear the inflection when I announce, "I'm baaaaack." I just looked at my last post and was shocked to see that it was from 6 months ago! I recently was notified that I have 2 new subscribers - if you recently subscribed to this blog, I promise to try to do better with updating posts.

I have spent the past 2 weeks "re-doing" my office/stamp room. It consisted of taking out some furnishings and replacing them with items that offer more storage so I could de-clutter. It also allowed me to remove the cabinets hubby put up for me. With the removal of the overhead cabinets, I was able to decorate the wall above my computer desk. This is what it looks like. Can you guess the theme of the room?????

I haven't painted the walls yet - I'm thinking a pale green - for this wall only. The rest of the room has the furniture in place but I haven't finished decorating the walls - so no photos yet.

In honor of my frog themed room, I thought it only fitting that the first card I created in this space should keep with the theme.

The FROG stamp is #1122 from Inkadinkadoo. I saw this little word stamp (#H166 "Thank You Swirl" from Stampendous) and thought it was the perfect addition since the frog seems to be pointing a something - starting at one hand and ending with the other.

Mr. Frog was colored with Copics YG00, YG05, YG99, RV32, & R27 then outlined using B41.

I added "googley eyes" with mini glue dots. The center of the Prima Flower is a fabric covered button from Hobby Lobby.

Cardstock is Rich Razzleberry and Pear ???? from Stampin'Up. Can't tell you the name of the designer paper because it is from a paperpack that I've had for so long the cover is missing. (See why it's not good to let go of those old papers - this had the perfect shades of frog green. :)

Thanks for popping in and visiting with me today.

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Happy Stamping.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Just sharing the holiday spirit. The inside reads ...and give thanks to the Lord for your many blessings. Happy Thanksgiving!"

The turkey is an image I found online. I don't know who the artist is - but he/she is good with a wonderful sense of humor. It was a pre-colored image - so I had to redraw it before I could color it - but well worth it. At least I think so. The sentiment comes from a card I saw online - just too cute all around.

Hope all of you have a blessed, and happy day of thanksgiving.


Saturday, October 8, 2011

Christmas Penguins

Just a quick post today. I spent the morning sorting & filing stacks of papers (bills, receipts, DSP, etc) then rearranged the desk tops in my craft/computer room. I have 3 desks in here - one that is the computer desk and two others that I use for stamping. I decided it was silly to have two desks for stamping and nowhere to set up my sewing machine - so now I have one desk used exclusively for stamping and the other primarily for sewing - but it can be easily converted back to a stamping desk if I have a friend in to play. We also use the computer desk for stamping when I have more than one stamping buddy visiting.

I played around all last evening with an idea for a Christmas Card and just couldn't pull it together. I was at a friend's house working on it - so I don't know if I just got to chatty and wasn't concentrating, if I was tired or if the mojo was just not there - but whatever the reason it didn't work. All I had complete was the green border attached to the colored image. The REALLY sad thing is I had stamped and colored the image the night before that! Today however, after cleaning and re-organizing the room, I sat down and put this together in about 15 minutes.

Sorry the photo is so washed out. I took it with my cell phone and it just doesn't do what my camera can. The penguins and the wreath are from a Stampin' Up! set called "Polar Party". Aren't they adorable????? The set also has a trio of decorated Christmas Trees, a polar bear, and a stack of presents. It's a really cute set and loads of fun to color.

I applied Dazzling Details to the berries on the wreath and under the penguins feet to add some pizazz. It turned out pretty cute - but unfortunately, it doesn't show up well in the photo.

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Happy Stamping.