Sunday, January 4, 2015


When I got onto blogger this morning, I signed in using my google account, wrote & posted my entry for today, went to my blog to view the post and it wasn't there. So I signed out, went back in and it showed it posted but when I went online to view it, it still isn't there. Apparently I have 2 blogs with the same name - the log-in is just different. Go figure!
2015 has arrived and with it the promises I make to myself to to things better. Eat better, be more active, be more creative, be better about posting what I create, etc. So it is now the 4th of January and I want to share a card I made yesterday to celebrate the birth of my new great-nephew, Ellis, who was born last night at 6:33 p.m. Welcome to the world Ellis!!

The idea is not an original. I saw something similar on Pinterest (I think) but thought it was so cute I wanted to make one myself. The original used a Teddy Bear popping out of the dresser drawer and an image by Mo Manning of a child dressing itself. After spending hours looking though my stamps and online through images of babies, I came to the sad conclusion I would have to either draw my own or pay money for an image I would probably only use one time. So, I drew the image of the sitting baby and colored it using Copics.

I personally think every little boy needs a puppy, so instead of the teddy bear sticking out of the dresser drawer, I found an image in my stamp stash of this cute little patchwork puppy. The original card used white brads for the drawer pulls, but I liked the idea of the little buttons. A little designer paper for the dresser front and the wall behind the baby - and it was finished. I love the way the cuts and folds to the card make it stand up. Too cute.

Until Next Time -
God Bless & happy stamping!