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Good Sunday morning to everyone. I've been productive this morning - up early, to church by 7:00 a.m., out to breakfast with hubby, and now ready to post a gorgimous card I made last week and show you, photo by photo, how to do the technique. NOTE: Alanna, this technique is not for you! - nor is it for anyone who doesn't like to work with glitter.

First, here's the card:

Isn't it goregous???? You should see the sparkle in real life - it really is beautiful.

Now, for the technique.

I was lucky enough to purchase all my supplies at a local business, TREMONT GALLERY & RUBBER RAINBOWS. If you don't have a local stamp store willing to special order for you, call Carla or Ann at the Tremont Gallery (866-925-4438). They will order and ship direct to you. Make sure to tell them I sent you. Otherwise, you can purchase the supplies online.

To begin you will need some type of outline sticker. I used Starfoam #1282 in black for my sample card but any brand will work. You will need a double-sided tape large enough to cover your design. I have a huge 4.5" wide roll of "BE CREATIVE TAPE"  I recommend using Glitter Ritz Micro Fine Transparent glitter. You can try others - but make sure it is micro-fine. I have been told that other brands tear away at your marker nibs.

The last items you will need are as follows:
Glitter Container with Lid
White Cardstock

Step One: Choose your design and cut a piece of double-sided tape large enough to fit the design. Place the sticky side face down on the white cardstock (right side of photo), remove AND KEEP the backing (now referred to as the transfer sheet).

Step Two: Gently peel off the outline sticker and place it STICKY SIDE UP on the back (non-printed side) of the transfer sheet.

It is important that you place it sticky side up on the transfer sheet, otherwise you will end up with glue and glitter on the sticker outline. You can still use it - but it doesn't have the "pop" that the sticker will have if you do it correctly. In the photo to the left, you can see the difference. The photo on the left was placed sticky side down.

I would like to tell you I did that purposely to show the difference between right and wrong - but unfortunately, I did not do it on purpose. It was a mistake. :(

Step Three: Flip transfer sheet with the sticker image onto the double sided tape so that the sticker is now sandwiched between the transfer sheet and the double-sided tape.

Step Four: With the transfer sheet still attached, carefully trim around the sticker, removing most of the excess cardstock.

Step Five: Peel away the transfer sheet.

Step Six: With glitter container under the sticker, apply glitter to the sticky side of the design. Gently move around with your finger so that the entire image is covered with glitter, then tap off the excess into the glitter container. * This stuff is expensive $8.49 per 10 gram bottle - so use sparingly and catch as much in the container as possible.

Step Seven: Lay the image on the desktop and firmly burnish the glitter into the image with your finger.

Step Eight: Using a soft-bristled paint brush, brush off the excess glitter into the glitter container and close lid.

Step Nine:  Closely trim away the excess cardstock.

Step Ten:  Color the design. If using Copics or any other alcohol based marker, use the chisel end of the marker and "dot" on the color. The usual coloring motion will cause the glue to soften (from the alcohol) and the circular motion will move it and the glitter off the cardstock, leaving unglittered spots. 

***NOTE: you will have glitter residue on your marker nib which is why I recommend using the chisel end of the marker.

That's it. It's a fairly simple technique but the results are stunning.

Thanks for visiting -
and until next time,
Happy Stamping.

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Anonymous said...

It's MY card!!!!!!!!!!

I do love it and the frog card is adorable!!

Six (6) months is a lo-o-ong time!! Shall we hold you to your promise?

Thanks for sharing, Jill