Sunday, November 21, 2010


This little votive holder is not an original idea - but I fell in love with it when I saw it and had to try it for myself. In case you haven't seen the idea, I also wanted to share it here with you.

I made my sample using heavy metal sheets I picked up at Hobby Lobby but they are still so flexible that I will use aluminum flashing for any more that I make. Aluminum Flashing can be picked up at your local hardware store. The advantage of using the metal sheets from Hobby Lobby is that they come in SILVER, GOLD and COPPER so you have a wider variety depending on your decorating color scheme and they WILL hold their shape easily - they just bend in transport.

This was sooooooo easy to make - and FAST! I completed this one in under 3 minutes (including cutting the metal sheeting.) Using the SIZZIX SNOWFLAKES #2 DIE (available from Stampin'Up!) and a die cutting machine that will accommodate the die, cut out 3 snowflakes. Attach the pieces in the center by alternating each snowflakes that the "arm" of the one on top falls between the "arm" of the one below it. I attached the pieces together using Tombow Adhesive, though if using Aluminum Flashing, I would use a metal glue to make sure they hold. Raise the arms of each snowflake to create the desired shape, pop in your votive and it's finished! See, I told you - they are quick to make.

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