Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Have you ever had an idea for a card in your head but just couldn't get it onto the paper? That's exactly what happened with this card. I wanted gentle elegance in muted warm earth tones - soft browns & tans, peaches, mossy greens - and THIS is where I ended up. Okay - NOT what I intended but still not displeased with the overall result. MY QUESTION TO YOU IS, "With or without the pearls in the corners?"

When making a card I usually choose my image first. Then I will choose the color to stamp it on and with depending on the "feel" I am going for. The next step is to color it - also keeping in my the overall feel and use for the card. Once colored I choose my carstock colors, and then play around with the layout until I get it just right. Then, when I'm satisfied to that point, I select the embellishments to coordinate with the layout and colors. My final step is to put it all together.

I didn't use any stamps on the outside of this card. I created the sentiment on the computer and added a clipart image to it in Photoshop. I printed it out onto light tan linen cardstock then colored it and trimmed it to the desired size. It is layered onto a piece of Chocolate Chip that has been embossed with the Textiles Cuttlebug folder. I originally chose Creamy Caramel as the card base color - but loved this ribbon so had to change the cardbase to More Mustard. Once I did that I then had to go back to the flower image and add a little More Mustard shading to make the colors harmonize.

The pin is a table skirt pin from the bridal section of Hobby Lobby to which I added a couple of small pearls and amber colored beads. Once I pushed the pin through the ribbon to hold the beads into place on the pin, I used wire cutters to cut the point of the pin off. This is very important so you remain on friendly terms with the person receiving the cards. No one likes to be surprised to find the end of a sharp pin in the fingers!!!!!

In closing I'd like to ask for prayer for a wonderful woman and good friend, Sarah Johnson. Her mother passed away unexpectedly yesterday and she, along with her siblings, will be making some very difficult decisions in the next few weeks regarding arrangements and settlement of the estate. Please take a moment or two as God brings her to mind, to pray for her and her family.

Thanks for visiting - and as always, remember to take a little time to play today.



Donna said...

wow i can't believe i'm first to comment... i love the card both with and without but prefer without letting the pin show off... i would save the four pearls for another project myself. HTH

Kerry H said...

I have to agree with Donna. I think the corner pearls distract from the main image.

Anonymous said...

I would have to agree; the pearls distract from the main image of your beautiful card.
If you wanted to add the pearls, maybe you could place 3 tiny pearls in the upper right hand corner of the darker card stock just to see how that would look.

Gloria said...

I would say without the pearls in the 4 corners.
It seems softer without.
The pin shows off enough.
The card is lovely!

Shera STAMPS! said...

Without the pearls looks classier....