Thursday, July 23, 2009


I'm a big fan of the color pink - I like it in nature, I like it in clothing, I even like it in accessories. For example my daily planner is pink and I have a pink hammer & screwdriver set. But when it comes to Christmas, I'm a pretty traditional kind of girl. Give me the Forest Greens and the deep rich reds with a touch of mettallic golds and silvers for a bit of bling.


I was trying out another new technique - new in that I hadn't tried it yet not new to the stamping world - and I was in a pastel kind of mood so I chose Mellow Moss and Regal Rose reinkers to create a baby wipe background. On my first attempt I simply dragged the wipe in a straight line across the glossy paper and the striping reminded me of candy stripes - DON'T ASK ME WHY? I was probably feeling sugar deprived at the time - and then from there my mind began wandering. Striped candy, peppermint, candy canes . . . can you see where I'm going here??? So I pulled out my Christmas stamps and found this beautiful little poinsettia which I thought would be a nice little corner accent for my background piece - but it needed some glitz. So out came the gold embossing powder and watercolor crayons. I stamped two images, heat embossed and colored both then cut away the outer petals on one so that I could create a dimensional image.

Once I did that I couldn't very well cover up the background with some other image so the only thing for it was to make the greeting my focal point. (NOTE: I did not like the stripes so had to remake my background). Had I known I was going to emboss on the background I would have done the embossing FIRST because as you can see the background wasn't quite dry and some of the powder stuck where I didn't want it - but I didn't have a plan and the embossed greeting was an afterthought.

A little gold matting on a Pretty in Pink card base, a pink and mettallic ribbon (which looks a little less silver IRL) and some tiny amber gemstones to the center of the poinsettia almost finish the card. Now that I've walked away for a while I think it needs three little amber gemstones on the ribbon directly under the corner of the greeting on the right hand side. What do you think???? (This is my BEST attempt at painting gemstones - please don't be TOO critical. The ACTUAL gemstones are at home where there is no computer because it caught a NASTY cold and had to go to the doctor!)

That's it for the pink Christmas - I think anyway. Who know - I actually like it well enough it might become this years Christmas card.

Have a great rest of your day
and until next time -
Happy Stamping!

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Louise said...

That's a very nice card, Jill.
Very sweet and dainty looking.
I like it a lot.