Saturday, September 4, 2010


My birthday was almost a month ago and this is my first post since then. Not very prompt about things am I??? I realized last night that I stopped being creative when my son moved his gaming computer into my studio. He did so at my request when my computer crashed so that I would have access to our photo editing software. However, I now have a beautiful laptop and have rarely used it because the gaming computer hasn't left the room. Which also means the 6 ft, 200+ lb. man rarely leaves the room as well. Do you know what happens to MOJO when you hear constant games noises in the area???? I think I'm calling the computer tech today to see how much they will charge to hook him back up wireless.

Anyway - just a quick post while the "gamer" is in the kitchen to show you my favorite birthday card. My husband decided to make me a card this year! I was stunned! But sure enough, I woke up on Sunday morning, walked out to the dining room and found this card propped up against a beautiful, red glass vase filled with roses and other summer flowers.

Don't you love it?????

If you want the details for recreating this beauty (and honestly - it IS my favorite of the cards I received) it helps if you speak English as a second language so that you can spell birthday phonetically the way you say it. The rest is designer chip board off the back of a note pad and luxury black ink from a BIC pen.

Thanks for visiting.

Until Next Time -
Happy Stamping! (or drawing as the case may be!!!!!)



Louise said...

Jill, I'm so sorry I missed your birthday this year! "Somebody" forgot to remind me....That is a sweet card from the hubby. Certainly a "keeper".

Patty said...

I am sure there is a challenge you could enter this is in. lol.