Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I ADORE SNOWMEN! Fat ones, skinny ones, frozen ones, melty ones - there is nothing cuter to be found in Winter than snowmen (unless of course it's babies all bundled up with their rosy red cheeks!) So when I saw this ornament on the web I knew I had to re-create it! I made several of these last year and gave them away for gifts - and though this little gal isn't the best of the lot (the paint is speckled) she is still a keeper in my book.

I've been trying to decide what the keepsake gift project will be at my class on the 6th of December. I thought we were making candy jars covered in snowflakes and filled with peppermints and cinnamon candies - but I am so partial to these ornaments - I'm having a hard time making up my mind! Maybe I'll save these guys for next year though since I've already purchased the jars and some of the candies. There is also the stamped candle idea.

I made this one last year for a practice run. I love the soft feminine feel of it. Of course if I were to have a class teaching this technique we would be using Christmas stamps and colors. Hmmmm! Decisions, decisions. Maybe I should put it to a vote.

What do you think ladies. If you are/were coming to the class which item would you prefer to make. The snowman ornament, the candy jar or the candle????

Thanks for visiting - enjoy your Thanksgiving - and remember to take time to give thanks for all the blessings in your life.

*** Edit to post: I've had requests for the directions to make the snowman ornament so here goes:
One Glass Ornament -
remove top clip and pour in white paint. Swirl it around until it covers the entire inside of the ornament. Dip upside down on a paper cup to drain and let dry. BE PATIENT otherwise you get the mottled effect like I did. Obviously patience is NOT one of my virtures! You may have to repeat this with a second coating to get good opaque coverage.

While this is drying you can create the nose and hat.
For the nose use a small piece of orange jeweler's wire and wrap around the tip of a pencil to get the cone shape. Then flatten the bottom.
For the hat, cut the toe portion off of an infant's sock and cut into the foot creating the fringe around the top.

Once the ornament is dry, reinsert the clip and tie a ribbon to the hanger. Arrange and hot-glue the sock band in place around the ornament then wrap and tie the fringe around the hanger ribbon with matching ribbon. Draw the face with Sharpie Permanent Markers and hot glue the nose into place.

Voila! One very cute little snowman or snowgirl.


StampinLDRN said...

Love the snowgirl! Each year my boys and I make a snowman ornament for the family. This looks like something we could do. Could you please post the details or e-mail them to me. My e-mail is sonyak1961@sbcglobal.net. I would greatly appreciate it.

Gloria said...

The snowgirl is a cute idea!

My vote for 12-6 is the candy jar.

June said...

Thank you for giving the directions for the snowgirl ornament - she's darling!!!

Linsey said...

Well, I'm just head over heels for this adorable snowgirl!!! What a delightful idea and wonderful for a gift! You are super creative and I'm thrilled you've added a tutorial on how to make this cutie! I will certainly be CASing this and giving you all the credit! Your candle is beautiful--so delicate and serene (you can send it to me any time, lol!) :)

Anonymous said...

I just subscribed to your site. I love all your fabulous creations. One that really caught my eye was the snow girl ornament, she's adorable. I would love to make these for my daughters' teachers. Would you please email me the instructions? My email is listed below:


Thanks so much

bitsybet said...

This would make a great "Baby's First Christmas" ornament. You could write the name, date and stats on the side opposite the face. Very cute!


So stinking cute!!! Love the snowman ornament, and thanks for generously giving instructions for how to make it. :)

Jane Wright said...

Could you possibly share the instructions to make this?

Anonymous said...

Would you please share the instructions for this cute snowgirl ornament?

Thanks so much.


Pat W said...

Would you please share the snowgirl directions. Thanks.