Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I wasn't able to make a card to share with you today - but I do have one to show you. Michele Greenwood has generously allowed me to post a photo of this gorgeous card that she created. It is posted on her blog, Whimsical Creations. While you are there, scout around and see what other lovely pieces of art she has created - there is one entitled "chores" that's a must see! Made me LOL!!!!

I receive an email devotional each morning from Dr. David Jeremiah's website, and this mornings scripture reference used this verse from Jeremiah. It is one of my favorites and definitely one of those promises that I cling to when things get a little rocky in my life. Each new day brings new blessings and new opportunites to exercise my faith. (opportunity is just another word for challenges you know!!!) and like most exercise, I find this difficult. Have you ever seen Indiana Jones: The Last Crusade? Remember the part where he has to, literally, take a "leap of faith"? That is what I find so difficult about exercising my faith. What if I step out and fall??? What if... you can fill in the blank I'm sure because there are always a million fears to keep us right where we are - safe, comfortable and COMPLACENT. I am NOT a risk taker by nature and tend to hold on to the "known" with both hands. You want me to take a leap of faith? You are going to have to pry my fingers open and give me a firm push!

My email devotional this morning helped to remind me that I don't need to be afraid to "jump". Dr. Jeremiah writes, "As Christians, as we look down the road and cannot see what the future holds, we don't have to let the fear of the unknown hold us back from participating in the opportunity of a lifetime. We are blessed to have a God who knows what lies ahead, and we can trust Him because the Bible tells us He plans to give us a future and a hope. All we have to do is live according to His Word, leave the details up to Him, and allow Him to guide us into His will."

So, if you have challenges you're facing, go ahead. JUMP!!!! I dare you!


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