Thursday, October 29, 2009


I know I said yesterday that I was taking a break this week and would just be vegging out with hubby and son in the evenings until Friday. I JUST COULDN'T TAKE IT!!!!!! Not the husband and son part - the not being creative part. LOL! Being in my studio (as messy as it is right now) is my relaxation and enjoyment and I just couldn't make it another day without making SOMETHING. So I ran away during the national news broadcast and immersed myself in mess.

One of my sisters and I are planning a baby shower for our other sisters daughter. (Yes - that would make her my niece - and I could have just said that to make it easier for you to understand - but then you might have thought I only had one sister and I just couldn't HAVE THAT! lol!) We decided to make gift bags for the table centerpieces and fill them with baby items so that Amanda (my niece) could keep them as actual gifts after the shower.

She is having a girl and has decorated the nursery in Chocolate Brown, Celery Green, Pink and Cream so we stayed true to her color scheme for our decorations. She also loves polka dots so I wanted to incorporate that into the theme as well. I looked ALL over for polka dot gift bags in those colors but do you think I could find them???? Of course not. I found PLAIN pink gift bags and being the stamper/scrapper I am headed off to the scrapbook papers and found this WONDERFUL chocolate brown paper with polka dots in ALL the nursery colors. PERFECT!!!!! and best yet - it was on SALE FOR 50% OFF at one of my favorite large craft stores.

Also on SALE FOR 50% OFF was this beautiful celery, satin ribbon. Isn't the bow beautiful??? If you look closely you will see it is a DOUBLE bow and was so-so easy to make with a wonderful little gadget called the BOW EASY. I even figured out how I could attach the bow right to the ribbon while making it so I didn't have to use glue dots or glue to hold the bow to the ribbon.

I thought the stark brown against the pink bag needed a little softening so I punched white border strips for the top and bottom using a Martha Stewart Punch and since Amanda also loves buttons, I thought these cute pink heart-shaped buttons were just perfect. All that's needed now is to place the baby items so they peek out from the shredded paper and it's all set to go.

Quick and easy - just 10 minutes to make - and much better than a plain gift bag don't you think????

Thanks for visiting today and until next time -
Happy Stamping!



louise said...

How sweet and resourceful!
Thanks for sharing.

Gloria said...

How Lovely!
You sure have a talent for color and pattern combo! I just love these!