Friday, September 4, 2009


(Scroll down for today's project if you don't want to know whether I'm staying with SU! or not.)

I have finally reached a decision re: whether or not to sign the new SU! demonstrator agreement. It took much thought on my part and the counsel of some good friends to make this decision.

I WILL be signing and continuing as a Stampin'Up! Demonstrator. After much soul searching I came to the conclusion that I can still maintain an honest and forthright relationship with my customers AND Stampin'Up at the same time. The only change you (my readers) should notice is the removal of my blog roll on the right hand side of my blog.

I will continue USING products from other companies as they appeal to me, will continue trying new things, and will continue providing the how to information I have always provided.

That being said, let me show you the fun little scrapbook page I created before leaving for the office this morning.

Once again I used SU!'s new My Digital Studio downloads and created this little 8x8 scrapbook page. Since posting the Christmas Card last night I have received several email comments about cost of printing, needing to "feel" and "see" the actual papers, cardstock, embellishments, etc.

I have to admit, I am definitely a "hold it in your hands" person. Ever since I could hold a pencil in my hand and scribble on paper I have been a pencil/paper/pen/marker LOVER! My mother would keep me quiet in church by giving me a pencil and paper when I was 3 years old and I could sit for hours even at that age doodling quite happily! so don't expect me to give up the coloring, cutting and pasting. THAT will NEVER happen! You will probably NOT see many cards created with MDS here on my blog but you CAN expect to see more scrapbook pages - because I LOVE digital scrapbooking.

Here are just a few of the reasons:

Think about it: How much do you spend to create ONE 12x12 scrapbook page. The page above is very simple but if made from 3 dimensional product would have 3 different colors of cardstock, one piece of DSP, 2 eyelets, a rub-on or sticker and the use of adhesive to hold it all together. That comes to a total price of about $4 - $5 (depending on the cost of the sticker) for just ONE scrapbook page. I can RE-USE these items a zillion times on other pages and it NEVER costs me more than the origianal purchase price.

2. COST EFFICIENT (somewhat explained in reason #1)
What about printing? My home printer doesn't allow me to print 12x12 (some do) but I CAN print 8.5x11 or 8x8 or 6x6 scrapbook pages on it. But if I don't WANT to print at home or I want 12x12 size pages, with the purchase of MDS I have access to professional printing services that can actually print all my pages into a hardbound book and STILL have less money invested than if I were buying the actual materials. Even printing at home the cost of purchasing the ink cartridge is MUCH LESS and LESS FREQUENT than purchasing the materials and embellishments.

You want to save more money? Think about this. You know those alphabet stickers you purchase for $2-$3 a pack? How many times have you needed a specific color in a specific letter and realized that you've already used it? Or been left with a kazillion x's (because really how often do we use the letter x?). With a digital program you can change the color, pattern, and size of an image. You can do the same with any of the images - you need a 1" butterfly but only have a 2" stamp or sticker - you won't have that problem with MDS.

I'm leaving on a mini vacation tomorrow and there is NO WAY I would consider dragging along all my tools, embellishments, papers, cardstock etc. But with MDS all I need is my laptop and I can design away in the motel each night while hubby watches t.v.

Have you ever noticed how THICK and hard to handle your traditional scrapbook gets when you add ribbons, texture, metal embellishments and layers of cardstock and papers? Those books are HEAVY and take up ALOT of shelf space. Not so with a digital scrapbook.

Don't you hate it when SU! comes out with a FANTASTIC In-Color (think Pink Pirouette, River Rock, etc) and then retires it in 12 months! With MDS you will ALWAYS have access to even the retired colors in both solids and patterned papers. MDS has ALL of the current In-colors as well as a few of the retired ones. As new colors are released they will also be available for download.

For me this is a BIG plus. My craftroom is usually a mess because I'm not a "clean as you go" kind of gal. But after creating a Christmas Card and a Scrapbook page in different color schemes the only disruption to my craftroom was the water glass and box of Malted Milk balls sitting beside the keyboard on my desk. LOVIN' IT!

Really - what's NOT to love about this product?!?!

Okay - I know this was a REALLY long post today - but I wanted you to get the scoop and know what's so great about this product. And if you are worried about getting it and not knowing what to do with it or how to use it - DON'T WORRY! That's why I'm here!

Have a great day today and enjoy whatever it is you're doing.
Happy Stamping!

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Louise said...

Well, it sounds like you made the best decision and I'm happy you did. I suppose it sounded more constrictive that it really is.
The two digital pages you did were very nice. Have an excellent vacation!