Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Okay - apparently you liked this idea as much as I did when I saw it. CLICK HERE for a printable template. I used this as the starting point to create my own. Mine has some minor variations (e.g. I centered my points instead of off-centered them and I also trimmed about 1/2" - 3/4" from the bottom of the front, back, and inside to make the box short and squat). You CAN print my template - but you will have to resize it to 8.5"x11" so you might find it easier to just print and adjust the other one.

Directions to put the card together follow the photo of the template.


1. Trace your template on the WRONG side of your paper with a pencil. Cut out the pieces and erase the pencil lines.

2. Holding your template in place over the corresponding piece of cardstock, fold along fold lines. The folds folded AWAY from you when the cardstock is faceup.

3. Stamp your image below the fold on the INSIDE panel.

4. Place adhesive on the BACK above the fold line and adhere the INSIDE panel to the BACK being careful to match the top edges.

5. Apply a thin line (1/4") of adhesive along the sides and bottom of the backside of the FRONT. Adhere the FRONT panel to the BACK panel matching the side and bottom edges.

6. Apply adhesive to the INSIDE panel along and above the fold line (in the shaded area). Adhere the LID to the INSIDE panel lining up all the edges so they cover the BACK panel.

7. Apply adhesive to the back of the LID LIP and adhere it to the bottom the LID matching the bottom edges and sides.

8. Add ribbon, bow and a tag if you'd like and VOILA! You are finished.

If you DO make a card using either template, please be so kind as to send me a link to your blog so I can see it. If you don't have a blog then send me a photo - I'd really like to see your creative ideas.

Have fun!


Anonymous said...

Thank You so very much for posting the template.
Can't wait to get one or more of these made. They are just adorable.
Many thanks again

Michelle Langefeld said...

Thanks so much for sharing your talents with us. this will be fun to try out.