Thursday, September 17, 2009


I am loving this program!!!!! and I learned of yet another use for it.

Have you ever sat down to create a project, cut your cardstock, Designer Papers and ribbon, placed your embellishments only to realize you absolutely HATE the way it turned out??? Not only do you have a finished card you would NEVER send to anyone - but you've cut up perfectly good cardstock, ribbon and papers into scraps. I realized last night that that never has to happen to me again because I can use the program to design and preview what the card will look like before I even pull out the actual consumables! How great is that???? I see my scrap pile dwindling already. LOL!

I also found out that this program has multi-media capabilities too. You can use it to make DVDs, slideshows AND add music! That's a little farther than I will probably go with it - but it's nice to know it's available if and when I want to use it.

Just had to share that info with all of you. I really didn't think I'd use it much for card making - but for card designing - that's a whole new ballgame!

Sorry - no card to share today - I made one last night but it's for a class on Monday so I can't share it yet.

Until next time -

Happy Stamping. - Jill

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