Wednesday, September 2, 2009


ZINDORF INSPIRED MISTAKE THAT IS!!!!!! Are you familiar with the work of Michelle Zindorf? She does these AMAZING scenic pieces of artwork with a brayer and sponges. I was inspired to have a go at it - really - how hard could it be right??? Hah! Harder than you might think!!!!!

I have to admit I debated on whether to post this card or not - but then thought if I could point out my mistakes it might actually help you to NOT make the same ones!

This card was quite beautiful when I finished it and I was very proud of it - so much so I showed it to hubby who thought it looked like a painting. ORIGINALLY this card wasn't quite so dark. The sky was a deep, brilliant blue and beneath it a line of amethyst mountains lining a quiet, blue lake surrounded by pine trees. There was also a lovely, clear moon rising in front of the mountain ridges. What?!? There's the PROBLEM!

ERROR #1: Have you EVER seen a moon rise IN FRONT of a mountain range????? Of course not - the moon rises behind the mountains and therefore the bottom third of my moon should have been covered over by the amethyst mountains. The more I looked at it the more it bothered me so I decided to "fix" it. The only way to do that was to cover the mountains with more night sky. (If you look closely you can still see the diagonal line of my mountain range.)

: Do not add sponging to your card if it is already assembled! DUH! Notice the blue sponging on my white mat?

: As I was adding more night sky, I sponged too hard against my post-it note moon mask and ended up smudging the edges. My advice - be careful and if you DO smude the edges of your moon DON'T try to fix it with a white gel pen. It looks like . . . well you know what it looks like. My mother doesn't let me say that word! LOL!

Okay - so enough picking on myself for one day. I hope you learned from my mistakes and won't make the same ones if you try your hand at a "Zindorf". Come back tomorrow - hopefully I'll have corrected my errors and have a beautiful moon rising BEHIND my amethyst mountains.

Thanks for visiting today -
and until next time -
Happy Stamping.



Louise said...

Jill, it looks great!

Your "mistakes" would never be noticed (probably).

The sponging on the white cardstock looks like you meant to do it.

Gloria said...

common! you are being way too hard on youself. It is a card, and a very striking one at that!
I think it is beautiful....I love the "Zindorf" style I think you did a great job!

Susan Raihala said...

You did an AWESOME job fixing your's absolutely beautiful! Zindorf is amazing, and you've captured her style perfectly.